Why Would I Want a Brewpub for my Restaurant?

There are many reasons! 

Differentiation: A restaurant is able to offer custom-branded beers that compliment the menu. Delivering a unique experience brings clients back time and time again. Ideal for any establishment. 

Pairings: Imagine a beer paired perfectly with a dish and the season. Many restaurants are even able to work the unique flavors into their food menu ingredients. It is possible to marry the two and create a unique customer experience that customers talk about.  

Cost: It may sound counter-intuitive but reducing beer spend is possible in brewing in-house. Restaurants can reduce costs by as much as 80% simply by adding their custom branded beers. You are able to produce high-quality beers for as little as $0.41/pint with all expenses included.  

Atmosphere: The EZBREW system looks great in any establishment. You are able to keg for later or can any brews and sell them as take-aways for your customers. The options are endless with EZBREW!

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