What makes you different?

Maybe your restaurant has a great pasta sauce, maybe you have oysters that come directly from the coast, maybe you have a challenging golf course or offer a few dozen types of beer… If you can’t rattle off three quickly, you should think it over and determine just what it is bringing in patrons to your establishment rather than the similar one down the road.
Competition for this new breed of customers has heated up as entertainment venues battle to differentiate themselves and offer that X factor that not only only brings in new and regular customers but keeps them coming. It takes something special to draw customers out of quarantine.
One possible solution is offering unique craft beer that is made right on site to differentiate yourself.  It couldn’t be easier. In the time it takes to stock the fridge with beers from distribution, you are able to brew right on site. But there is more. It can be done for a fraction of the price of providing beer through distribution channels.
So how are you different?
If you can’t quickly answer that, we may be able to change that with an EZBREW System! We offer the brewing tanks, the ingredients, and instructions to separate you from the location down the street. Call us to see what is possible in your facility!