What are the Qualities of a Successful Restaurant?…ACDEQR!

  • Atmosphere: Be it a silver spoon or a greasy spoon, the atmosphere and appearance is essential in framing the user’s interaction at your venue and sets the stage for expectations. Wise restaurateurs understand the nuances of their client base and carefully curate every detail to meet that expectation.
  • Consistency: Consumers enjoy a venue where they have not had a bad experience. As paying patrons, and the lifeblood of the restaurant, they expect a consistent product across channels, whether it is a burger, a steak, cocktails, or beer. “I know a great place downtown that is always great” is every restaurateur’s idea of a great customer interaction. Customers are confident that the restaurant has well put-together, well-executed menu.
  • Differentiation: If there are 15 pizza restaurants within 10 miles, what sets one apart from another? Does one have better crust, cheese?…Better toppings, different styles? Does one serve beer?  All questions the consumer takes into consideration to find the restaurant to deliver the experience they are looking for at that moment.
  • Experience: Owners want to create an experience that their customers talk about. No one talks about a mediocre dinner they had. At a certain point, the atmosphere, which includes the service and food, fun times, stories, and smiles turn into the experience portion of the equation.
  • Quality: Quality is king. Quality is why there are so many other factors in place that make a great restaurant. The battle for quality is on the forefront of fighting for customer acquisition and retention. Quality, and consistency is what brings back patrons time and time again. If you can figure out quality, many of the other pieces will surely fall into place.
  • Revenue: A restaurant cannot operate without a strong revenue stream, given the myriad of seen and unforeseen costs and challenges that come with owning an establishment. Minimizing food costs while maximizing quality and consistency is a fine line to walk but the best owners become immersed and find new and creative ways to offer the best options at a sensible price for the consumer while delivering high margins for the restaurant.  After all, the prior 5 points are all for naught if the restaurant is not profitable.

So what does this have to do with beer?  

Here at EZBREW, we carefully considered each of these aspects to complement restaurants and venues of all kinds to maintain and expand these qualities.
  • Atmosphere: Our 155gal (1240 pint) stainless steel tanks look great in any establishment and add a sense of care and craftsmanship before the food ever hits the table.
  • Consistency: Our kits are shipped carefully weighed and measured so there is no discrepancy from batch to batch.
  • Differentiation: EZBREW allows restaurants to set themselves apart from the competition by offering custom brewed and branded beers.  If you have a 4’x4′ space, you can have not only a source of differentiation, but also a profit center.
  •  Experience: Curating a unique experience can be difficult. EZBREW helps draw customers back, time and time again by offering a unique craft beer experience, coupled with the food options.
  • Quality: We use only the highest quality ingredients in our kits to ensure that our partners are able to exceed the expectations of their customers with their in-house craft beers.
  • Revenue: Traditionally, a wholesale craft brew can cost the restaurant or brewpub anywhere from $1.40-$1.90/pint, depending on the brand and style. Our systems produce custom beers for around $0.40/pint.
We would love the opportunity to speak with you if you are interested in expanding and enhancing your ACDEQR!