The Language of Hops

Sweet, herbal, woody, floral, as well as many more, the hops act as the spirit of the brew. The unique attributes of each varietal add both aroma and flavor. ” Hops are the soul of beer, yet not easy to characterize in terms of flavor expression.” according to “The Language of Hops: How to Assess Hop Flavor in Hop Beer”. In the same way fine wines are evaluated, hops bring on distinct aromas and flavors, each of which are not mutually exclusive. Aroma sensory information is handled by the olfactory system while the flavor information is handled by not just the tongue, but also the mouth, throat, and nose. The wide range of sensory tools make assessing hops very complicated, using a variety of tools to measure a variety of different characteristics. Each assessor is unique and results are reasonably subjective, but regardless of preference, a quality beer is universally admired and celebrated. Cheers!

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