Here at EZBREW, we are wrapping up our spring Hef! Hefeweizen, also known as Weizenbier, is an amazing canvas for experimentation with flavors. Particularly sweet and savory flavors which have made this a mainstay in traditional brewing circles; Accessible, flexible and always a delightful pint.

“Hefeweizen (“yeast wheat”) or Hefeweißbier refer to wheat beer in its traditional, unfiltered form. Arguably one of the most recognizable beer styles, the German-style Hefeweizen offers a striking beer experience thanks to the use of distinctive wheat malt, unique yeast and uncharacteristic appearance. This wheat beer breaks from the German beer mold, showcasing yeast-driven fruit and spice as well as bearing an eye-catching mystique. This beer is one of the world’s most enjoyable styles for beer geeks and neophytes, alike.” Source

Originating in southern Germany, this wheat beer, or Weissbier, is traditionally a 50/50 barley to wheat ratio. A universal characteristic of a Hefeweizen is the cloudy appearance produced by the yeast, as Hefe means “with yeast”. Hints of banana and cloves are common, as well as some back of the tongue flavors like apple are often present. It is often accompanied by a lemon or orange wedge to bring out some of the flavors and cut the yeast or wheat edge. Hefs are typically have moderate ABV and pairs very well with seafood, salads, and sharp cheeses. Contact us to learn more about our Hef!