EZBREW Announces Seed Round and Expands Board

January 16, 2020

Cary, North Carolina

EZBREW, Inc. raised an undisclosed amount of capital in a seed round of investment this month and added serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, David Gardner to its board.   CEO and founder, Andrew Baker, announced the latest cash infusion and iteration of his vision to empower restaurants and other consumer destinations to brew their own beers onsite.    “Now that our technology and processes are proven, this round of funding will be used predominantly for sales and marketing”, said Baker. EZBREW provides a unique all-in-one brewing system that combines mixing, fermenting, chilling, carbonation, and serving all from a single tank.   Most importantly, no brewing expertise is required. Baker states that most EZBREW customers in the hospitality/entertainment space can now differentiate their establishment by producing and branding their own premium beers at a 75% cost savings.  

The insatiable demand for local craft beers has been a consistent and growing trend for the last several years with no end in sight,but most restaurateurs to date have not attempted to produce their own product.  Gardner notes that, “The capital investment, brewing expertise and licensing complexities have kept all but the most aggressive proprietors buying beer through distributors that provide huge markups and very little value.”  EZBREW claims that with minimal investment and in just a few hours, it can enable its customers to make their own quality beer, without a brewmaster and at a cost of only pennies per pint.  

“The problem with providing little value is that innovation eventually catches up with you.” Gardner continues, “EZBREW is that innovation and I believe that it is just a matter of time before this technology and process will begin disrupting the traditional beer distribution model.”   

The company also announced a strategic partnership with Fortnight Brewing of Cary, NC to utilize its facility and brewmasters to create and help refine recipes for its growing line of beer kits.  “The cross-pollination of ideas and techniques has been mutually beneficial for both of our teams” said Fortnight CEO Stuart Arnold.“   

About EZBREW, Inc:  Designed specifically for restaurants, bars, hotels, and entertainment venues, EZBREW systems are a simple, affordable way to brew your own beer onsite while significantly increasing your profit margins. Most EZBREW partners have seen over a 5-fold increase in margins on their beer sales alone as well as expanded clientele.