Come for the Food, Come Back for the Beer

With the gradual the re-opening of restaurant and other entertainment venues, most establishments will be greeted with a great deal of competition to capture and retain the minds, hearts, and palates of the populace. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate operations to come out on the other side on top. Packaging your custom brews is a great way to extend the marketing of your brand into your customers’ homes, dinner parties, get together’s and other social events.

Producing beer on-site and either canning it or bottling it in growlers is a great way to not only attract patrons, but adds a level of differentiation that they can take home with them. Rather than you going to the brewpub, with canned or bottled beer made on-site, the brewpub comes to you. This is also greatly beneficial for both the venue and the patron. The brewpub is able to offer custom beer (differentiation) at a fraction of the price of traditional methods (cost winner) that keeps customers coming back (sustainability)!

One interesting approach is brewpubs offering their bottled or canned beer at cost or at reduced cost with the purchase of a meal, particularly in the short-term as restaurants and entertainment venues vie to attract and retain new business. This drives food revenue while tangibly marketing the venue through it’s custom labeled and produced beer and secondly, the word of mouth that comes from this. One model is to charge $5 for a growler and then refill at cost when you order a meal. Cost in this case would be $1.64 to refill the growler! This number is often rounded up to $2.00 to cover any unforeseen incidentals. If that doesn’t keep people coming back to your location, I’m not sure what would!

Another model, similar to the growler approach, is to can it. This is a great option for a grab and go and can also be a very handy option to expand your brand. Again, reduced beer pricing with the purchase of a meal will keep your customers coming back and spreading the word about your venue. Given the incremental nature of canning, long term, it would be a more expensive option than using growlers but also adds a level of portability and ease of consumption. There are many simple, inexpensive canning options available to can right on-site. Even with the higher incremental cost of canning, it still is significantly less expensive than ordering through wholesale while helping to advertise your brand.

Grow the fan base while promoting your brand across the community to drive food sales while developing a future revenue stream, based on your custom beers. Now is the time to create brand champions while we enter the next chapter of the food and beverage service industry!