Revenue per Square Foot – Maximize your Space!

Any way you carve it up, it is wise to always consider your revenue per square foot at your restaurant or entertainment venue. Much the same way that rent rates or mortgages are calculated, the recent times have helped business owners take a close look at how to best utilize the area they have available and how that may translate to advancing their businesses.

As a quick example, let’s use a story about “John”.  In John’s case, he owns a 2,000sf restaurant downtown. He is not able to utilize the entirety of his space due to restrictions in distancing for public areas. He was able to determine that adding an EZBREW System adds revenue to some of the space that he wasn’t currently utilizing!  This had some additional benefits outside of driving revenue. It differentiated him from other restaurants in his market by allowing him to easily create his own custom branded flavors and custom labeled brands. Additionally, the stainless steel tanks bring a very distinct craft feeling that adds to his hand crafted and local menu. Much like his menu, John is able to develop new creations and iterations, seasonal and trending flavors. In summary…a great use of underutilized square footage!

Here at EZBREW, we love to work through creative solutions with our partners. We have helped entertainment venues maximize the space that they are either considering or retrofitting with unused space. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help drive revenue at your restaurant, bar, casino, hotel, resort, golf course, or any other space you manage where your guests enjoy beer!