Driving Relationships and Revenue

The EZBREW team was fortunate enough to spend time with 250 professionals (virtually) across a number of industries to discuss what they are seeing in their markets. There were many fantastic insights! Below are seven of the highlights that seemed to be universal during this challenging time to continue to drive relationships and revenue.

1) Number of Touches
In many ways, it can be a numbers game. Identify the best way to reach your audience and create conversations on their terms. In many cases, digital touches have seen an uptick so remain cognizant as to how it may be best to modify your outreach efforts.

2) Keep the Messaging Warm
It is important to remain positive and find ways to drive initiatives forward. Stay in the “solution mentality” to find creative solutions to address complex challenges. Stay positive!

3) Managing Planning and Outreach
Provide your solutions as a trusted advisor and service provider. Be sure to touch base to see where you may be able to collaborate to address challenges that clients may be seeing. Be certain that you are well-versed in understanding the exact challenges facing your clients. Many are in uncharted territory and cross-pollination of ideas would be welcomed.

4) Categorizing Importance… What is #1?
Schedule a daily plan. Speak with those in your industry and see how their priorities change over time and coordinate how to best address their challenges. Stay flexible as those communication trends may change over time.

5) How are we Different?
What makes your group special? Emphasize who you are, what you do, and how you add value. Agility and flexibility will be what set your company apart from the competition. Stand out by delivering outstanding service.

6) Avoid Noise and Keep it Simple
Simple, simple, simple…Focus on what needs to be said and spend time on delivering what needs to be heard to get your message across in the most simple way possible.

7) Make the Most of Existing Relationships
Call your clients, associates, and colleagues and say hi! Check in to see how you can best serve those around you!